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Floating In The Endless Blue; My 11 Day Journey in Oahu, Hawaii

Floating In The Endless Blue; My 11 Day Journey in Oahu, Hawaii

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My journey to Honolulu started with a group of cool cats and some of my favorite humans- Tina, Christian, Sonora, Mikey Flugs and Andrew, all with one idea in mind; roam around a beautiful place and make beautiful memories. Andrew casually mentioned a trip to Hawaii many months ago and I was immediately ready to go. The day came and we boarded our flight to the island, excitedly awaiting the sun and sand that would soon greet us.

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The Hawaiian Islands are abundant lush lands and a jungle book kid's paradise. Birds sing their morning praises as the sun stains the sky an array of colors, trees sway and shake like limbs coming to life after a long restful nights sleep. From dawn till dusk, there is an otherworldly, almost magical feeling in the salty, humid air. The island challenges you to be mindful, present and gracious; it's beauty is one to marvel at and respect. This is an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

Our first stop was to pick up our dinky, adorable toyota camry we lovingly named Jojo and drop off our bags in our airy and spacious Airbnb located in Manoa. The apartment was surrounded by vibrant green trees and was the perfect place to call home for 11 days. 

We spent the first day playing in the water and getting our toes smashed (worth it) by underwater rocks in Waikiki; a tourist-friendly and absolutely gorgeous beach with turquoise water and plenty of people watching.

photo by Andrew T. Kearns

photo by Andrew T. Kearns

I'd never seen a blue so gentle and inviting. It's one I will never forget. 

photo by the lovely  Sonora  

photo by the lovely Sonora 


The rest of our days were spent hiking, sweating, exploring, basking in the sun and laughing till our stomachs hurt. Just 6 kids smooshed in our sweet little ride, adventuring around the island and soaking up the sunshine. 

From an exhilarating hike up Koko Head, to the most beautiful sunsets I'd ever witnessed and snorkeling at Electric Beach with some new friends- I made some of the best memories of my life. 

I also had the pleasure of shooting some portfolio updates with Ben, Sheridan and Vincent- 3 amazing, Hawaii based photographers! You can check out some their work below. 

Photo by the amazing  Ben Ono

Photo by the amazing Ben Ono


I can honestly say the friends that came along and the beautiful new ones we met along the way made the trip for me. There's nothing like standing in awe next to a person you love and soaking up the beauty of the earth; that feeling of seeing something for the first time and sharing pure bliss with a good friend.

Check out some of my favorite moments captured below; memories that I will always keep with me.

Film photos by my babe, Tina!

Some film + digi by my dude, Andrew T. Kearns.

Photos by Sheridan

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